domingo, setembro 19, 2010

Keylver - Silver Keybag

Keylver its made out 393 keys produced in white silver 925

more info at:

AT&T commercial Keybag

Keybag at the new AT&T commercial for the new Blackbarry Torch

terça-feira, setembro 09, 2008


Keybag, 2008
Designed by João Sabino

terça-feira, junho 05, 2007



kNessa, is the result of the collaboration with the Portuguese illustrator Mário Belém. He work the keys as Portuguese traditional tails, although without losing the connection the primitive object the Keybag and the keys.

You can find more of this great guy in
Thanks Mário.

quarta-feira, setembro 14, 2005


Feel free to ask questions or even exchange your ideas with me at:

Keybag project website:

Thank you.

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Intentional Color
Bottled Spices
Bottle Seat

You can acquire the objects above
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Wine glasses

a cross between beer mugs and wine glasses

Wine cup

a cross between a fine wine glass and an ordinary glass cup

terça-feira, setembro 06, 2005


intentional colour

domingo, setembro 04, 2005

1/3 Bottle

3 bottle necks cut and glued to the tiles, it works as a cloth holder

Bottled Spices

Salt and Pepper containers

Bottle Seat

it holds more than 130 kg (290 lbs) :0


19 bottles cut in an specific angle to create a bowl

Hot Seat?

This seat is made of a thermic cloth


don´t need to beg, it's just a bag

Buy it here


ceramic jar

Nut Biter

with a real golden tooth :]

Match Cigarette

it works...


0.5 l (a pint) Bottle with a bottle neck on top


olive oil and vinegar containers, like a fine glass of wine

sábado, setembro 03, 2005

Sexy Pocket

can you take the keys out of my pocket, please?

Helium Lamp

1.8 m Latex balloon filled with helium, electrical ligth system inside.

sexta-feira, setembro 17, 2004